4 Books That Every Gambler Should Read



It is not entirely correct to say that the outcome of gambling depends totally on luck. Gambling professionals continuously learn, read and explore new strategies, enhancing their expertise. This can be achieved in many ways. The most effective one is reading specialized books.


These four books will definitely help you to achieve success in gambling.


Gambling 102: The Best Strategies for All Casino Games (Huntington Press, 2005) by Michael Shackleford


The book was written by a famous mathematician and professional player Michael Shackleford, an expert in gambling analytics. Michael worked as a consultant in many casinos around the world and taught the Casino Math and actuarial science at the University of Nevada.


Gambling-102 is a real find for people eager to improve their analytical skills. In his book, Shackleford shares knowledge and valuable experience on various gambling strategies demonstrating the results in the form of schemes.


A separate chapter is devoted to online slots like those provided at Vulkan Vegas slots. There are no secret methods on how to beat a slot machine. The author shares his personal experience. The style and narration will make a good impression on you. Although the book is written for the experienced gamblers, it will be rather understandable for even novice player.


Before start reading it's recommended to get familiar with the basic concepts in the gambling field.

The Winners Guide to Casino Gambling by Edward Silberstang


In his self-teaching book also known as gambler's "bible", Edward Silberstang helps gamblers to raise the odds and reduce the casino advantage over a player.


The most effective and proven strategies that give huge payouts are presented in the book, along with a detailed description of almost every kind of slot machines, and different online casino games.


The author offers a system of a better distribution of money, points out the widespread myths about the stakes and considers the system of casino advantage.


The Winners Guide to Casino Gambling is suitable for professional gamblers as well as for newbies.


The Gambling Theory by Mason Malmuth


Mason Malmuth introduced a new book on gambling. The author reveals some ways of how players achieve extended results. He investigates some strategies and action plans of really successful gamblers in history. Mason explains how to succeed in gambling providing real-life examples.


The book shows schemes with a high probability of winning, the thoughts and actions of professional gamblers and of course describes the game process itself. A separate chapter is devoted to poker. The theory of gambling helps novice gamblers to better understand how to count cards.


The Complete Idiot's Guide to Gambling Like a Pro by Stanford Wong


The authors of the book seriously revealed the topic of gambling. They do not obviously promise to make you rich and do not reveal any methods of constant luck. They state that slot machines and card games bring great satisfaction, but can cost you a pretty penny.


It gives practical advice on increasing the chances of winning. Authors do not use complex mathematical theories, schemes or tables. The facts and methods of the game are laid out in a simple, easy form.


The book examines online casinos and conventional institutions. This a real guide in the world of gambling for beginners.